Thursday, 29 September 2011

The good and the bad

So it's been a while since I updated here, A Lot's happened but Inkitout's been pretty quiet. In this time I've had some great times at a festival and been on a fantastic holiday in Greece. Myself and my girlfriend visited the island of Samos and had a nice relaxing time.

Above are two drawings I did taken from some of my favorite photos from the holiday. I had a go at using some textures, I think it's most noticeable on the straw hat. I'd like to try this more on different items of clothing.

The only bad thing about going on holiday is having to come home... and go back to work. I had a shocking first week back, wishing i was back on holiday then a friend of mine sadly passed away.

The next day I got food poisoning...

Things are looking up now though!

I have plans to work on a large scale mural in my good friends new home in the coming weeks so hopefully I'll have some new work to put up here soon.