Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Pre-Order your Inkitout Threads Tee!

I've finally launched Inkitout Threads as a Kickstarter project!

I'm sure some of you have already seen this, and thanks to those of you who have backed the project! For those of you who haven't heard of Kickstarter, Its a crowd funding website that helps designers to get their project off the ground. Basically you get to sell the product before it's made, then use the money you get to actually make it.

I've been working on Inkitout Threads for a good few months now, here are the designs!

The designs


At a glance you might just see three polar bears in front of a barcode but look closer and you will see there is much more going on. The three bears are actually walking through a vast snowy forest. Where are they going? Who knows but I’m sure there's some hot porridge waiting there!

Dinosaur Vs Robot

It’s all in the title really! An epic battle between two giants from different times. One is from the future, the other from the past. But who would win? Would it be the T-Rex with his powerful bite or the Robot with his Laser eyes? I’ll let you decide on your own outcome!
The project has been up for funding for almost a week and it's just about half way towards it's goal!
So help me spread the word and lets keep this momentum going!
For more information and to back the kickstarter project and pre-order your T-shirt you can visit the page by clicking here