Thursday, 5 January 2012

2012 - Self Portrait

It's just over a year since I set my inkitout website up and started doing more drawing, Looking back I've achieved quite a lot and enjoyed it for the most part. I've made a bit of money, not a lot of money but it's nice to be able to sell your work. I've been published in a couple magazines/newspapers and websites, taken part in a few guest blogs, won two competitions with prize money and received a few nice testimonials.

Above is a self portrait I recently drew which shows all the strange creatures in my mind coming alive off the page as I draw them. I'm like a cooler version of that guy on Heroes that could paint the future only less dead.

That dude with the one eye, one tooth and the horns... I'm calling him Boris.

The blue furry snake worm things are a new creature I've invented, I'm going to call those things Snurms.

Drawing this has given me lots of new ideas and visions of a funky re-design to my website... something i probably don't have the time or expertise to do yet, but I'll see!

In the meantime I have other things I should be working on and haven't been, I need to get cracking with a couple projects in particular.

I'm not sure what 2012 has in store for Inkitout or even where exactly I want to take it because I change my mind so much! One thing I can say however is that I'll keep drawing. Oh and I'll stop being rubbish and get my book printed since I finished it months ago!

...And you will buy it or I'm sending Boris and an army of Smurms round your house to get you in your sleep!