Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tv Monster

I've been reminiscing looking at images of Monster in my pocket toys that I used to collect as a kid. So I decided to draw some of my own monsters. In keeping the Inkitout style, my monsters of course will be a lot more harmless looking than their counterparts.

So here's the first monster, I'll probably draw more... I'm calling him Freeview and his special attribute is that he gets good tv reception and is really good at TV trivia questions on the quiz machine. His speech is completely made up from quotes and phrases from TV, kinda like Bumble bee from Transformers but with less metal and less explosions.

If you were wondering his screen is only 24" but it's LCD and full HD but not 3D or double D or DVD, Deeeeee?

He has two buttons, red ones... Don't press them!

It's my birthday next week and I'm having a party this weekend, I'm looking forward to seeing everyone! Let's see if we can top last years party... that's going to be quite a task!