Monday, 18 April 2011

My interview with All Tropical

My Winning T-shirt design is now up for sale on the All Tropical website.

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Incase you missed the All Tropical Interview I did which was in their newsletter, here it is!

Meet the Designer

This week we spoke to All Tropical Designer Robert Malkin about his design ‘Robot Love’

It’s rare to find an All Tropical member who does not keep a regular blog or website and Robert is no exception. You can search though more of his thoughtful, considered illustration based work on his inkitout blog. Great stuff.

What do you think that it is important to think about when you are designing a tshirt?
It’s important to think about the person who you want to be wearing your design and also to pick your colours carefully. Try to make the best use of them, choose colours that complement the actual colour of the T-shirt. Most important of all: enjoy what you’re doing!

Where did the idea behind your design come from?
The Design was an idea I originally had for a Valentines card then later decided it would make a really good T-shirt design. I’ve had a bit of a robot obsession in my work as of late, I think I’d like to own a real one…possibly an army of them.

What do you make of the All Tropical design process and feedback?
It’s good to know that people like what you’re doing. A designer’s work can thrive off feedback, knowing you're doing something people enjoy can often be the spur you need to keep doing it. It’s all very exciting; All Tropical is doing a great job and building up a fantastic community.

Who are your favourite designers?
Most of my favourite designers are illustration based; my all time favourite is Adrian Tomine who did a series of real life comics and illustrates covers for the New Yorker. I also like the work of Jamie Smart, Michel Gagne and Roman Dirge. The l ist could go on!

What else excites you?
Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! …I’m inspired by all areas of design, as well as music. Comics tend to have a big influence in my illustration work. I do find however the best inspiration comes from the people I spend time with, conversations and things that happen to me.

Other than tshirts? What other outlets do you have for your creativity?
I work as a full time Product Designer by day, Freelance illustrator and artist by night. To do this I have a magic watch that stops time. I work on a lot of canvas based commissions and create web comics for my blog. I’ve just started work on a Graphic Novel which will be called ‘Friends Unknown’. I also collect gingerbread men and race Snails.