Thursday, 15 December 2011

Post-it note Comic and Christmas Jumpers

Following the success of last weeks sketchbook chronicles drawing look what happened... I teamed up with my friend Ben once again in another sketchbook joint effort.

The rules were simple:

1) The drawing will be a comic with a short story
2) Take it in turns to draw a panel each with no conferring
3) The story takes shape as we draw it, it isn't pre-decided
4) In keeping Christmas spirit we have to wear Festive style jumpers

... Ben broke rule number 4 but he still kept his head in the game so I forgive him! I however sported a lovely patterned cardigan number that would surely win me a casting in Bridget Jones's Diary.

I started first by simply drawing a man with a moustache, every one knows all great story's start with a man and a moustache right? Ben followed with Beardy boy bitches and everything took shape from there. We tried to keep it a simple art style so we could get our drawings looking similar and add a bit of flow to the story. Once we had finished I inked the lines and added a bit of colour making the boxes look like post-it notes stuck on a wall.

Good times, Great memories, Great success!

More people should get creative with post-it notes...