Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Snowman Gang wars

Oh Its ON!

I joined forces with my friend Ben again for more sketchbook fun, this time something a bit more seasonally themed. We ended up with two Rival snowman gangs going head to head.

Rules? of course we had rules...

1) We each have a side of the page
2) Take it in turns to draw a snowman each
3) Each build an elite team of snowmen
4) Eat 16 Chicken Nuggets each

Once it was finished I inked all the lines and added some colour and shading on photoshop. My guys are the ones on the left sporting the blue and yellow winter wear. Ben chose red and Green for his guys, just think of all those great teams in history that wore red and green... yeah I'm struggling too!

The big guy on the left with the pipe, I named him Bubba, he's my not so secret weapon and kinda makes up for the alcoholic snowman (he's just a decoy, a distraction for the enemy)

Ben's little chav kid snowman looks a bit threatening though, the leprechaun guy looks mean too.

I'm not sure wether theyre about to have a Snowman dance off or a big snow brawl!

Who would win the battle? You decide!