Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Sketch Book Chronicals - This City

This happened in my sketchbook... A joint venture between myself and my new friend Ben.

A bit about Ben.

Ben likes Rugby and plays in a 'Rugger' team scoring lots of 'Rugbhys' However when he's not playing 'Rugger' he likes to be creative, eat Beef Jerky and design things. For this reason we decided to make a challenge for ourselves, a sketchbook challenge.

These were the Rules

1) One person starts of by scribbling some colour on to a blank sheet of paper.
2) After this no more colour can be added.
3) Take it in turns to draw one building or landmark each until we have a city.
4) One person Ink's over it all and details it up.
5) Both people eat Beef Jerky

I did the inking at the end and we were both pretty pleased with the results. We tried not to worry too much about scale and perspective in the drawing, we thought this would give it a bit of quirkiness. The addition of the buildings being from all different time periods side by side helped give it the strange look we were after.

An enjoyable challenge of which I'm sure there will be more. We're already planning to have 'A Owl off'.... Make of that what you will!