Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Birth of a Robot

This is a new robot character I came up with when I was doodling, I decided to call him Blinky... I think it kinda suits him! I'll probably do more comics with him in so you'll get to know him better over time. With this comic you can expect very geeky humour, Blinky thinks he knows everything.

Also, I realise Rubbish is spelt wrong, that's how rubbish this box of cereal really is!

I'd love to get a robot in my cereal, I remember as a kid getting my mum to buy new boxes of cereal every week just so I could collect the toys, obviously I didn't eat any cereal. I had a right good collection of Monster in my pockets and scooby Doo hologram cards.

I remember opening the boxes as soon as we got back from the supermarket and emptying all the cereal out on the kitchen unit to find the toy. Mother not impressed!

I don't even know if you still get free toys in cereal, I hope so.

What was the best thing you ever got free in your cereal?