Thursday, 30 June 2011

Visit the Zoo, set the animals free!

A few weeks ago I had an enquiry through my website from a joke writer called Bernard Morris. Bernard achieved some success in the late 90's with his jokes/comic strips featuring in titles such as Viz and the Daily Star. After being out of the 'game' for quite a while Bernard contacted me to see if I would illustrate some of his jokes with the aim to get them published.

The first joke I illustrated for Bernard is shown above, The style of drawing for these kind of jokes is usually a lot different to the type of drawing I do. I was pretty pleased that I managed to adapt my style slightly to make it fit without changing too much, you can still see my own style coming through in the drawing.

thus far we have had some pretty good feedback from the publications it's been sent out to. One publication, a stand up comedy magazine in the US has expressed an interest and would like to publish it in their September issue along with my biography. More to come on this!

I'll be illustrating more of Bernard's jokes over time, hopefully together we will achieve a small bit of success!