Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Charity Draw! - Simon

I've had a fair bit of interest in the charity draw!, I'll be uploading them all here one at a time.

I've done a fair few of these now and I'm only just uploading the first few.
It's interesting to see how my drawing is improving with each one I do.

Today we have Simon,

Here he is, look at Simon!

Simon is a top bloke and has become a good pal of mine over the last year or so.

Simon does X-Rays at Leeds hospital and likes Warhammer.

He also likes going to gigs and especially likes Deftones, we went to see Deftones play. Fun times!

I drew this from a photo taken in the summer at Simon's birthday this year. Not this Simon's birthday...another Simon's birthday that myself and Simon were at! Confused? I hope so!

We all bought ties from a charity shop. Simon is currently sporting the silky orange tie, good choice!

Hopefully I'll keep getting requests to draw these because I'm really enjoying drawing them.

Arrivederci! (Italian for ...Bye)