Monday, 13 December 2010

Charity Draw!

I've been pretty busy with this! It's fun

In light of the recent facebook campaign to change your profile picture to a cartoon character which actually turned out to be a hoax and a smokescreen for nasty people, not actually helping children at all.

I offered to draw cartoon portraits of people for their facebook and Twitter profile pictures.

This was the deal

Choose a picture of yourself that you like and I'll draw you in cartoon style.
This will cost you £4 English Pounds, £1 of which I will donate to charity.

The charity is for kids with cystic fibrosis.

I will upload the drawing for you myself and even post the original artwork to you! Good deal right?

I have a bit of a backlog of these that I've been working through but I'll be uploading them here!

First up, we have Ash!

Ash is a Web designer and Lives in Sheffield.
He likes Punk Rock and Video games and is a generally awesome guy.

Here is my attempt at drawing Ash.

With my portraits i generally try to bring out the best features in people. which i guess is a bit different to your classic caricature where stand out features are exaggerated massively to get a laugh.

Ash now has this set as his Twitter picture.

Cheers Ash! 

I'll upload more of these as I do them.

Also, I have Inkitout Badges! I'm really happy with these, I'll have to get a good picture uploaded soon.

Over and Out