Friday, 17 December 2010

Mad Friday!

Traditionally, tonight is Mad Friday, probably the busiest night on the town all year (excluding New Year)

Building up towards Christmas, tonight is the night a lot of places have their annual 'Works do' or Christmas party. Everyone hits the town, people that normally don't, the amateur drinkers will be there. Everyone will drink far too much and fun times will be had, stories and memories will be created.


This isn't the case for me and my work place, we don't have a works do. Well, we do, but for some ridiculous reason we have it in March when no one cares. Humbug.

In the spirit of Christmas, myself and a couple friends have decided we will have our own fake works do...Even though we don't work together! maybe make it the Inkitout works do. Maybe we can even hijack someone Else's works do?

I was inspired to draw a comic on this

This is half based on something that happened last week and half based on what I expect to happen tonight. I did enjoy drawing this and really need to start drawing a lot more comics now.

I haven't done a lot of web based comics before, only comics made for print. There are massive benefits towards doing comics made for the Internet. The main one being the use of colour, generally it's too expensive to make print based comics in colour so in the past i have had no choice but to work in black and white. The story lines can be much shorter and hopefully being a free comic, much more people will see them.

You know you would love to have 'DJ Dog Socks' playing MC Hammer at your works do! I kinda decided that all works doooooo's have to play MC Hammer, it's the first rule of works do. I don't know what the second and third rules are, I never thought that far decide!

I was thinking of Ricky Gervais and Stephan Merchant when I drew the two guys at the bottom right hand corner, typical office people on a office party!

If your on a Works Do tonight, make sure you shout 'Woooorks Doooooo!' in a thuggish voice in your bosses face. Please!

P.S - I wrote this on my dinner break or something. xxx

Enjoy :-)