Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A Comic about toast

It's been a few days since I wrote anything here or uploaded any drawings but I've been very busy and have still been doing lots of drawing and artwork. I think it's about time i got something uploaded!

A while ago I drew a portrait of Lauren (Here it is) If you remember, that's the one i drew the little toast character in!

Ever since i drew that I've been wanting to do a comic about toast....does that sound a bit weird?

Don't care....I did one anyway!

If the writings a bit small for you to read please click the image to make it bigger.

Now i know what your all thinking! You don't 'chop' bread, you 'Slice' bread! Well in that case your right! but it's too late now!

When i started drawing this i thought I'd have a look around the web to see if anyone else has done a comic about toast. Guess what... someone already does a web comic about toast, and it's awesome! much better than mine in all honesty.

It's drawn by a guy from California called Dan Goodsell, here's his site The world of Mr Toast

Enough about Toast!

Yesterday I finished a giant canvas commission I've been trying to find the time to get done for a while. I can't tell you anything about it yet until I've shown it to my client but I'm very happy with how it came out. I will upload a photo of this as soon as I can!

I've also completed a t-shirt design for a competition I've entered. The contest title is 'New Year, New You' the design reflects the title. All designs will be open to public voting from the 1st Jan so expect another update about this very soon.

I've also started seriously planning a Graphic Novel that I've been wanting to do for about three years now!

Exciting times, 2011 will be a busy year!

I'm off to make some toast....