Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year, New You

...So this is the New Year, I don't feel any different

I did a t-shirt design to celebrate the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011. I've entered it into a competition and the winner is chosen by YOU!

The kitten is thinking about it's resolutions for 2011 and this year wants to be more like a Lion

The winning shirt will be screen printed, made all pretty and sold on the All Tropical website, also I'll got some monies for having the best design!

Soooo, could you all vote for my design please!? Click here to vote!

You will have to create an account to allow you to vote but it's very quick and easy honest! I already know this will put most people off :-(

I think it also counts as a vote if you add All Tropical on facebook and click like on my design.

I've been thinking about my plans for Inkitout over the next year, I've done so much with it in the last 3 months and things have moved pretty quick.

Here are a few goals I want to set for 2011

#1 - Finish and print a short graphic novel (This is actually more realistic than it sounds)
#2 - Visit more comic conventions and try get my own stand at atleast one convention
#3 - Keep updating this blog regular with what I'm doing
#4 - Draw more web comics
#5 - Send something out to a list of publishers with the un-likely hope of getting something printed
#6 - Try to do as many commissions as I can
#7 - Promote myself as much as I can
#8 - Contribute to as many anthologies and zines as i can

I've already started with number 8, I will be contributing a short comic to an anthology titled 'The sorry entertainer' I have a February deadline for this so that's a fair bit of time to sort it out. I'm thinking of doing something with Mimes in... sssshhhhhh!

I've also been toying with the idea of doing something similar to that of Exploding Dog. Basically, I'd get you lot to send me a title, for example 'New Year, New You' and I'd do a quick drawing illustrating it and post it up here.

Also, good news! Lisa loved the Giant canvas commission i did for her, I'll update with a photo as soon as i have a good one.

I wish you all a great 2011.