Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A comic about Justin Bieber

I thought I'd do this since I mentioned him in my blog yesterday, it seemed like a good idea!

You may have noticed that this comic looks slightly different to my usual drawings. I've been having a think about the way I do them, the layout and what's important. I'm very critical of my own work and I really wasn't happy with the Barcelona ones I did last week and decided it was time to step up my game. I realised that there was too much going on in last weeks comics, maybe too much detail where it wasn't really needed.

I've also had a go at making some templates and some proper speech bubbles to try and add a bit of consistency. I've also set up some standard colours that I can use each time for the same reason. I'll be experimenting more with these ideas until i get it refined how I like it, your feedback would be helpful.

So last night was a nightmare, I went to a gig and had a really good time. It was getting home that was the problem, my train went past my Huddersfield stop straight to Manchester without explaining why. I then had to get a train back, a train to Brighouse and then a bus to Huddersfield. I set off at 11.30 and got back at 3.30 and then was up for work for 6.30. Not Happy!

Oh yeah, The punch line of the comic if you didn't get it is that Dustbin Bieber sings like a little girl. Lovely guy though I'm sure...