Friday, 11 March 2011

A Comic about a Mime

Here is a comic I did to go in a Bristol based newspaper/anthology which will be called 'The Sorry Entertainer'

I think it will be printed in May some time.

I like rhyming, I think I should try and do more comics with rhymes. I didn't do any photoshop work on this other than add the text, the drawings are exactly as they looked when i scanned them in. I quite like the roughness of the lines, I tried to think about how it would look printed in a newspaper and what i could do to add detail to it.

I might be updating this less regular over the coming weeks, I have a few other commitments that I need to work hard on. I also want to start working seriously on my book, I'll still try to update three times a week at least.

It's upsetting today to see what's happening in Japan, something like this really puts things in perspective for me, we're pretty lucky really.