Friday, 11 February 2011

A Kind Gesture

Today I've uploaded a comic that I've had in my head to draw for quite a while. It's a true story and is based on a cat that lives in a flat opposite me. Some of you may recognise it!


Basically I felt sorry for this cat, it's owner leaves it outside in the cold all the time no matter how bad the weather is. It sits outside the door all night moaning to get back inside but they never let it in. Now I don't like cats at all to be honest but i have to admit this one seems extra friendly.

One night it was freezing so i let it in the communal corridor to get warm, not inside my flat just the communal bit. Annoyingly the cat started waiting for me every single day, and then started sitting on my car while the engine was still warm. I did a good deed for the cat and now it's taking liberties the little git! What next!? it'll be going in my fridge and drinking my milk, cracking a tin of tuna open, having a blast on guitar hero and wearing my flat cap.

Drawing this made me think deeper into this and made me realise this is very true to life. I think by my good nature I'm sometimes guilty of being taken for granted or letting people take advantage of me.

Well that's it now...This has to stop...The cat's gonna get it!!

In other news I've been drawing more people with food names and will upload them next week, keep sending new ones in please!

P.S I'm not really going to hurt the kitty