Monday, 7 February 2011

Toby Larone - People with food names

If you listen to the Chris Moyles morning show on Radio 1 you will know all about Toby Larone. If you haven't heard about him yet then I will explain.

Toby Larone is a fictional character made up on the show whilst talking about people that have funny names that sound like types of food or sweets.

Listeners were then encouraged to call in to other Radio Shows and TV programs giving their  name as Toby Larone in an attempt to get the presenter to read their messages out. This obviously has Hilarious consequences and makes for great listening.

Listening to this made me want to give a face to some of the funny names that were mentioned so I had a go at designing some of the characters.


Name - Toby Larone
Occupation - Sleazy Salesman

Toby's head is made up from the first block of a Toblerone, I used the letter T to make up his eyebrows and nose. I drew him with his serious face on, maybe his head's about to melt or something. Toby has the ability to sell anything to anyone for any price.


Name - Mr T.Wicks
Occupation - 70s Dance instructor/Teacher

This is a drawing of Mr T.Wicks in his younger days when he was all hip and wore a gold shell suit. He's now a teacher, has a comb over and wears a tweed suit. Interestingly he's a Siamese twin, this removes the need for a dance partner.


Name - Carley Wurly
Occupation - Hairdresser

Carley is a hairdresser who clearly does her own hair, She officially has the longest hair in the village and is famous for it.


Name - Russell Sprout
Occupation - Student

Russell is a snotty little brat, think along the lines of Dennis the Menace. He's very short in height, sprout by name sprout by nature. When he talks he sounds like Zippy from Rainbow. Great kid, always eats healthy.


Name - Emile Keway
Occupation - Wizard

Emile is a wizard and can do magic things like turn a bag of rubble into a bag of chocolate. He doesn't have legs, just floats around.


Name - Jamie Dodger
Occupation - Hitman/Spy

Jamie is one of the most dangerous hitmen on the planet. He is a master of disguise, no one suspects the giant biscuit in the corner! Then before you know it your covered in jam! Something like that anyway!

I enjoyed doing these, if you can think of anymore I could draw let me know!