Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Sir Bert Fountain - People with food names - Part 2

After the popularity of this weeks people with food names post I realised just how much material there is within this idea. A few people sent in new names for me to draw so I have a nice list to work through!

People with food names returns for Part 2 and there will more than likely be a few more to come!

Meet today's new Characters!


Name - Sir Bert Fountain
Occupation - Retired Major and Explorer

Sir Bert Fountain worked his whole life in the army, Now a retired gentleman he likes to fly around in his hot air balloon exploring the lands. He wears a monocle and a suit like all gentlemen should do. Sir Bert Fountain is everything Sir Patrick Moore and Sir Patrick Stewart wish they were.


Name - Candy Floss
Occupation - Pole Dancer

Candy Floss works in a night club as a one legged pole dancer, she lost the other leg in an unfortunate accident involving a sharp fifty pound note. Candy can be very sweet but also very dangerous.


Name - Prof. Itterollss
Occupation - Physics Teacher

Prof. Itterollss is a professor of Physics and teaches at a generic high school in a generic town that no one cares about. He's not shy of the Bunsen burner which is sometimes his own downfall being made from chocolate and cream. His students have given him the nickname 'Chocolate snowman'



Name - Mel. K. Barr
Occupation - Opera singer

Mel. K. Bar is strong and tough. an international Opera singer and can sing in fifteen different languages including Geordie. Often works on cruise liners and is very well known for her fashion sense and good taste.

Thanks to everyone that sent a new character name in, if you didn't see yours today keep checking back because I still have more to draw!

If anyone thinks of anymore names please let me know and I will draw them. Also I'd like to know who are peoples favorite characters with food names I have drawn.

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