Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Balloon Characters

This weekend was my birthday party, great times were had by all and I'd like to thank everyone that took part at some point in the weekend, I had a really good time.

The party on Friday night was great, A lot more people than I expected ended up arriving to my average sized flat, but everything went smoothly and was lots of fun. I did warn my neighbours I would be having a party so hopefully the excessive noise was excused.

I began drawing caricatures of the guests on balloons, there was quite a demand for these and before i knew it I'd used a full packet of said balloons. Unfortunately I only had a small number of balloons and there were about 30 people at the party. Maybe I could plan this better next time there's a party, it could be my special party trick!

I did some cool stuff with the photos to make them look nice!

The downside of this was I ended up with marker pen allover my carpet which we managed to scrub out using a combination of white wine, hairspray, wet wipes and a tea towel. It did the job!

I learnt today that it's Gabriel Batistuta's birthday, that means my birthday is sandwiched perfectly between Phil Collins and Gabriel Batistuta, two seriously great chaps.

Lots of other great things happened over the last few days in celebrations of my birthday, rather than go into detail here is a list of memorable moments.

- Keyboard and Guitar times
- Crutch jokes at Adams expense
- The arrival of my old friend Roy (He's gonna be a dad, weeeey)
- Roy's home brew wife beater
- Pro Evo times with over the top cheering
- The unexpected arrival of Bonse (He brought cake!)
- My Justin Bieber T-shirt (A gift from Brad and Lisa which I wore into town)
- The man woman thing at camel (Dan Madden fancied his chances)
- Sick in my kitchen sink?
- Smacking the crap out of some golf balls
- Going out for a posh curry and having happy Birthday sang to me by the whole restaurant
- Elastic band guitar (Present from Matt and Jen)
- Tekken tournaments all morning and night till stupid hours (Epic Tekken playing)
- Wang the Blade Runner
- Trip to Manchester, Font bar and gig at the Appllo
- Vibrations from the Bass watching A Day to Remember
- Trip to Ikea and more presents!

- Probably lots more things I can't remember right now (Feel free to add to the list!)

Thanks everyone