Thursday, 3 February 2011

Want a Robot for valentines day?

I'm sure there is someone in the world that will be spending Valentines day with a actual real life Robot.... Ewwww

...But I'm talking about valentines day cards!

I designed some Valentines day cards...with  a Robot on, because I like Robots! Who doesn't right?

Here they are!

I did the yellow design first then decided that I didn't like it anymore so did a second design which I like better. Robots obviously talk using keyboard symbols, they do have computers for brains after all.

The back of the cards will look like this

I am selling these and you can buy one now complete with an envelope. You can buy them for £1 each, 25p extra if you want me to post it to you. Go on, send someone a Robot for valentines day!

I'm also available for Valentines Commissions, I've been doing a few Canvas' recently and can still fit a few more in. If you have a nice photo of you and someone special I can draw it for you.

Did anyone notice I didn't do Tuesday Trail this week, I did! Tuesday Trail will return next week.

Also, I've done some cool stuff with my shop and added new things, take a look by clicking HERE