Thursday, 24 February 2011

Tales from Barcelona Part Three

We had a pretty busy first day in Barcelona, in fact by the time we went to bed we had been awake for 39 hours!

We woke up on our second day and the weather was much better.

Here's what happened:

The Barcelona FC museum was really great, we spent about three hours in there and sat through a whole video of 50 best goals. There weren't any seats so we just sat on the floor as people walked past, I think we spent far longer in the museum than the average person.

The department store was massive and I think we might have lost track of time in there. I didn't know what the Spanish woman was saying to me at first but i think she was telling us they had closed. I was un intentionally rude to her, I really didn't know what she was going on about, she looked cross and we were made to leave.

We were walking around looking for a bar to go in and really couldn't find one that looked inviting, We made a standard set of rules for choosing a bar to go in.

Etiquette for choosing a bar in a foreign country

1) The bar must have at least 5 tables inside (Tables outside don't count)
2) The bar must have at least 3 people inside (Including Bar man)
3) The bar must have at least one window (Not just a door)
4) Check for mirrored walls (They can make it look like there's more people and tables)

We found it very difficult to find any bar that met all these rules, it doesn't seem much to ask for, does it? The mirror thing caught us out a few times, we went in a bar that appeared to be massive and full of people. When we got in it was tiny with only 3 tables and one person inside, every wall was a mirror. BEWARE.

Going in hotels that aren't yours can be fun, but also very risky!

On the walk back to our hotel we saw another hotel called 'Mutual Cyclops' which we all found hilarious, it made me think of this.

Check back tomorrow to read about our third adventure.

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