Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Tales from Barcelona Part One

I'm back from my visit to Barcelona and I return with lots of new material, drawings and ideas which is great and is going to keep me pretty busy for a while!

I'm going to dedicate the rest of this week to Tales from Barcelona and get everything down while it's still fresh in my head!

That means no Tuesday Trail this week, or people with food names! Don't worry, they will return next week.

Barcelona is a great city, there's just so much to see. We managed to go on a different adventure every day and lots of interesting and funny things happened. The language barrier was also very amusing at times and also just some of the strange characters we met along the way.

I'm going to try and structure things a little and add things in the order that they happened.

First of all to kick off the adventure! It is a tradition of mine that everyone must pose for a 'Home Alone moment' Basically this is the moment that Kevin realises he's sat on the wrong plane. Even though we were on the correct plane I still like to re-create it every time I go somewhere on one.

Home Alone Moment

We made it to our hotel which seemed to be in the middle of an industrial estate with nothing around. Our room looked to only have a double bed and a sofa until we realised there was a pull out bed hidden under the sofa.

But how do we decide who gets which bed?

What fairer way to decide! although I'm not sure I'd thought it through fully, it was comfortable though believe it or not. It took two days for us to work out that my bed actually had fold out legs to lift it up off the floor.

 In four nights I only woke up banging my head once with fairly minimal damage. I also fell down the back once when the mattress slid off leaving me trapped against the wall. Seriously great times!

With sleeping places sorted out we headed out for our first adventure, the only problem was it was torrential raining outside!

Check back tomorrow for more tales from Barcelona!

In other news, My T-shirt design 'Robot Love' won the All Tropical competition last week! weeeey Hoooo!

I'm super happy about this so thanks so much to everyone that voted! Here's the design if you don't remember.


This should be for sale on their site soon if you would like to buy it, it might also be for sale on Asos which is pretty cool.

There's some really great stuff on All Tropical, check it out www.alltropical.co.uk