Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Tales from Barcelona Part Two

Yesterday I did a comic about how we chose our beds on arriving at our hotel room.

Here is a photo of me and my choice of bed

We set off on our first adventure in the poring down rain.

We saw a lot that day, more than i can do justice in 6 panels. We got absolutely soaked to the bone but we didn't care. I cant remember the last time i walked around for 10 hours with wet shoes and socks, great efforts!

The castle is great and you can literally see the whole city from up there, well worth the trek. On the walk up there we invented a game which involved booting a pine cone into a skip, great game! we called it Piney-Skippy which later turned into Piney-Binny with a slight rule change.
 Also, some celebrities have really big feet.... that is all.

We seemed to always end up miles and miles from our hotel by the time it got dark and then have to find our way back using the bendy building. The walks home were usually one of the best parts of the adventure though, something random would always happen.

Like this

If you don't speak Spanish the writing translates as:

'Excuse me fine sir, could you do me the honor of lighting my cigarette?'

I'm pretty sure that in reality the Spanish chav dude didn't say that but I'd like to think he did. My friend Brad's reply is genius, part English, part Spanish and either way makes no sense.

'No Me gusta' means I don't like...

Needless to say the guy drove off pretty un-happy, this happened about once a day.

Check back tomorrow for Adventure #2 and more!

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