Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tuesday Trail #004

Last week I didn't do Tuesday Trail, I don't actually have a valid excuse for this other than i forgot what day it was and did something else instead! My apologies!
The good news is Tuesday Trail returns today!

If you need a recap, the other pages can be found here:

Tuesday Trail Archive
- Tuesday Trail #001
- Tuesday Trail #002
- Tuesday Trail #003

The next two pages in the comic were a short story that isn't really Trail related so I'm going to jump to the continuation of the main story. I might post the short story at the end once all the Trail pages are up.

So here are pages 9 and 10

We have a new character, Tony the Scarecrow, doesn't protect his crops very well but is a real gentleman. Have you ever seen a flying Snail?

Check back next week for pages 11 and 12

In other news yesterdays feature 'People with food names' was rather successful and I've had a few more funny names sent in. I'll be drawing these and posting them later in the week so keep checking back to see them.

If you think of anymore let me know and I'll draw them.

If you don't have a clue what I'm going on about you can see yesterdays feature by clicking here