Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Tuesday Trail #001

Today is the first installment of Tuesday Trail which I wrote a little about in my blog yesterday.

Here is a brief description of what Trail is:

Trail is a series of heartwarming comics about a snail named Trail and his group of friends. Melvin the vegetarian spider, two dickey birds Peter and Paul and a boy named Billy. Reading Trail you can expect to find exciting and humors tales of friendship as the bond between the friends grows stronger with each adventure.

I will be uploading pages from the first issue of Trail which I self published and distributed around the Leeds area in 2005/2006.

Because this is the first Tuesday Trail I'm uploading the first two pages, following this I'll be adding one page a week.

What will be the little Snail's fate? Why is he sad? will the birds eat him? Do birds even eat Snails?
Find out next Week!

If you can't wait till next week to read the rest of the story, Trail issues 1 and 2 can be purchased in my shop HERE