Thursday, 20 January 2011

Boobies get Hits!

I thought I'd do an experiment today and find out how much the title of my post actually affects how many visitors I get that day. I think Boobies will get Serious Hits.

Sorry no boobies today but before you close the window I do have the next best thing!

Anyone that knows me well, or even just a little bit will be aware of how much I love Phil Collins!
Sometimes people cant decide weather I am genuine or joking when I talk about this ...But Seriously, you can take me at face value these are my True coloures.

It has become a custom in recent months to dance into the light and finish off any night out of by listening to Easy Lover on the drive to take me home. I don't drink so I'm usually the designated driver, generally this will involve the windows being wound down fully, volume turned up with everyone singing along. It is the best thing ever and something I look forward to.

I am cool because i love Phil Collins.

I thought it was a bit strange that I've never drawn him before. I seem to draw everyone else so figured I'd see if I could do the great man justice!

Going back I can't even remember when or why I started liking Phil Collins, it defiantly wasn't something I got from my parents. I remember years back when people used to buy me random Phil Collins gifts, this hasn't happened for a while. Phil Collins related gifts are welcome!

Also, his birthday is the day before mine or something, we should have a joint party.

I've only shown this to a few people so far and have already had interest and requests to draw portraits of other peoples favorite musicians for print. This is something I could do, I think I'd actually quite enjoy it so I'll do them pretty cheap!

Oh yeah, I've added a new button to the right hand side of my blog to make it easier for you to subscribe using your RSS Reader if you use one!

10 Cool points to anyone that can count the correct number of Phil Collins references I used in this post (Other than his name) There may be a prize for the first person to reply with the correct answer!

I bet no one can find them all!

Hello, I must be going!