Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A Comic about Hedgehogs

Over Christmas I spent a few days at my parents home in Hemsworth, We have part of a forest as our garden which I often explore with my dog Bosco. One day over Christmas whilst in the forest my dog found a Hedgehog. It looked well un-happy and tired so i assumed it had been waken up from it's hibernation, which my dog obviously found hilarious!

This made me want to draw Hedgehogs, as if i needed an excuse?

Seriously, what would you do if you had ten angry hedgehogs ready to finish you off? Also, what a coincidence that they all have the same name! Now maybe your counting the hedgehogs and saying to yourself 'but there's eleven hedgehogs' That's because the first one isn't called Dave, he's not in the Dave gang he's called something else, he's called ..... Collin!

I've just updated my shop (Click here) 

I've added a bit of background information about my Trail comics since I realised it wasn't clear what they were. I know quite a lot of you own or have read the first installment but probably didn't know about the second one. I feel the second comic is far superior to the first one.

I have some pin badges I'll be adding as soon as i take a good photo

I've also added some prints that I had made, go on, have a nosey!

I'm thinking about setting up a etsy shop although I'm not quite sure if it's worth it, if anyone has used it before your comments wold be appreciated!

Tomorrow I have something special to show you, excited?