Friday, 21 January 2011

What's my age again - Comic

I don't get asked for ID a lot these days, which should make sense really since I'll be turning 26 next week. Although there is the odd occasion when it does happen. I never know how to feel about it, should I take it as a complement?

Here is a comic based on a true story, this really happened to me last year!

Don't you just hate it when some kid who's barely old enough to have a job is asking you for ID, I find it very difficult to take them seriously.

I think beards should act as a genuine form of ID, even for females. I remember a friend of mine years back trying to get on a service bus for half fair by hiding his beard under his scarf and talking in a squeaky voice...didn't work!

Incidentally, if i was to shave my beard off I would look no older than 12 years old myself.

I had a play about with some screen tones/patterns in this comic, I'm not sure how i feel about them. I think I would get better results when working in black and white, may be something to look into for my next print work.

In other news, Boobies do defiantly get hits! This was confirmed by record breaking stats yesterday although the competition didn't so so well.

The comments section on my page seemed to have broke down, my apologies to anyone who sent in an answer that didn't get recorded!

I've added a new comments widget below that is much better, I messed about with some of the Html code and it all works now (Didn't have a clue what i was doing) You can even comment using your twitter log in which is pretty cool!

Have a nice weekend!