Friday, 14 January 2011

Friday Feeling!

It's finally Friday!

Everyone loves Fridays, Things always seem much brighter and better at the end of the week. I even play my music that little bit louder in my car driving home just to get my weekend started.

To celebrate the fact that Friday is the best day of the week i did an illustration to represent how I feel about Fridays.

This was a study I drew from a photo of some boxes that i piled up on my desk at work. It illustrates the Friday feeling but also has a lot of other positive connotations behind it. Things can get pretty negative where I work and it can beat you down sometimes. This image is about standing out from the crowd and rising above it all.

Sure he's just a box, but he's the best box!

I also did a Monday version of this which is very different, I will share this on Monday

I think these could make good posters

Something interesting

Yesterdays Blog post about Shaving (Click here if you missed it) created a whopping 90 hits for my blog making yesterday the busiest day so far.

The majority of you are from the UK but I also have a lot of visitors from America.

Yesterday I also had visitors from Australia, Denmark and France with other visitors from Malaysia, Hungry, China, India and South Korea through the week.

Pretty Amazing really!

Shaving must be something a lot of people are interested in

Welcome to you all!