Monday, 10 January 2011

Half man half biscuit!

I bet you opened this post hoping to find a comic about some strange mutant half man half biscuit super hero who shoots chocolate chips out of his mouth and encourages kids to eat un-healthy foods. Well unfortunately that's not the case, maybe an idea for another day!

I just thought Half man half biscuit would make for a good title, It's actually the name of a band. However, I do want to talk about biscuits!

Everyone loves biscuits right? but, Isn't it great when you bite into a biscuit to find that it's chocolate all the way through rather than the biscuit you expected, This does happen on very rare occasions, such a nice surprise!

This happened to me last week, two in a row! What are the chances? I felt the need to tell everyone all about it.

You would still be happy if your biscuit was biscuit.. but with hopes for chocolate, a little disappointed. My question is...How does this happen? I tried to educate myself to find out the process of events in making a biscuit wrong. Even google doesn't know, if google doesn't know it must be a secret because google knows everything!

On a side note, I have never actually fisted the air and shouted Yeeeeeaaaahhhh! over a biscuit, I may do in the future though, especially if its solid chocolate.

Tomorrow will be my first 'theme' day, I have decided I'm going to upload the pages from my first printed comic for people to read on here for free. I worked hard on this comic so i figured that the more people see it the better.

I'll be uploading a page a week, follow the story... Check back tomorrow for 'Tuesday Trail'