Thursday, 13 January 2011

Shaving Sucks!

Last week my friend Kevin came into work with his hair shaved up too high on one side of his head. Apparently he got a fancy new beard trimmer for Christmas but got a bit carried away with it, basically leaving himself with a bald patch on one side of his noggin. As a result of this he was almost in tears and had a desperate visit to the hairdressers to resolve the issue. Unfortunately there was little they could do for him other than even it up a bit, Luckily he has short hair and hair grows pretty quickly.

You might remember Kevin from an earlier blog entry, Click to see

I remember a similar thing happening to me years ago, I think it's probably something that's happened to a lot of guys.

I thought it might be a good idea to draw a comic about it!

Now that might be a very extreme case I've illustrated, this guy ends up with his sideburns pretty much inversed or inside out, very unfortunate. Admit it though, I bet it's happened to you? I'd like to hear about all your shaving incidents!

I've been playing around with my website and I've managed to make some really cool improvements. This should make it tie in better with the look and feel of my blog, it's a really satisfying feeling learning how to make my website do new things.

Take a look: